People are killing wildlife without knowing it.
In July 2020 City Wildlife tried for weeks to catch a Mallard duck with a plastic ring stuck around her neck and bill. The duck could not eat. But she could fly well and she avoided capture every time. Sadly, after eight weeks of unsuccessful attempts to catch the bird, she was found dead of starvation at the Tidal Basin.
Fast forward to July of 2021. We are now trying to catch another duck. This one has fishing line and a bobber wrapped around her beak. If we can’t catch her, her chances for survival are very bleak. But again, the duck can fly, and she has eluded capture.
The real tragedy is that these needless deaths are easily prevented. People simply need to pick up their trash, especially fishing lines. Evidently, some people still do not know that.
So we're asking you to **COPY/POST/SHARE** this message with friends, family, and on your own social media pages. Please help us to spread the word that those discarded pieces of plastic, those snipped fishing lines, are DEADLY to wildlife.
Thank you!

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