See below for a snapshot and links of all current Artists for Social Change initiatives.
Opposition to Proposed Law that Threatens Wildlife in US National Wildlife Refuges
A new US federal rule will allow hunters to kill migratory birds, pumas, and many other animals in eight National Wildlife Refuges.
The government allows public comments about the proposed rule until June 8, 2020. 
If you oppose this law, please make your voice heard at Click on the "Comment Now!" button on the far right, at the top of the page. You can comment anonymously, if desired.
Please feel free to use the web posters from this site (at the bottom of this link: to spread the word!
Cyber Marvels

The goal of Cyber Marvels is to let children explore and help build cyber projects, while building their confidence and communications skills. Cyber Marvels provides curricula to teach kids how to code and promotes friendly competitions to build camaraderie and showcase talent. Children do not have to compete, however. They can learn to code just the same and volunteer in other capacities during events, if interested. 
Operation B.I.T.E.
B.I.T.E. is the acronym for "Believe in Teeth for Everyone". This initiative aims to provide dental care (to include dentures , if needed) to those unable to afford it. ASC is currently setting up the program. Once funds are available for the initiative, the program's website will be linked to here.
In the meantime, for information about pro bono dental care, please see the article titled "How to Get Access to Pro Bono Dental Care" from the Consumer Guide to Dentistry
Animal Rights & Welfare
Artists for Social Change is a strong proponent of animal rights and welfare. Check back here for a link to the ASC Animal Poster Site which will provide you with pamphlets and information about how to help animals. Please feel free to download and share the documents.
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