Proposed Law Affecting National Wildlife Refuges
ASC encouraged US citizens to make their voices heard at about a US federal rule that would allow hunters to kill migratory birds, pumas, and many other animals in eight National Wildlife Refuges. Public comments were allowed until June 8, 2020.
Images such as the one below were shared here for people to share with friends.
Results: The law was still passed, but many laws like this one, were rolled back to protect wildlife after January 2021.

Saving Trooper

An ASC Picture Promoting "Saving Trooper"

A deer named Trooper lost a leg in a lawn mowing accident. The deer's stomach was cut badly. A former veterinarian technician named Carol Deyo desperately called sanctuaries and hospitals in her state of Ohio but found no one who would help the deer. Instead of having the deer euthanized, she treated him. The fawn, named Trooper, is now thriving at Ms. Deyo’s farm. Another fawn was found severely dehydrated after his mother was killed. Ms. Deyo nursed him back to health. Four raccoons were also rescued after their mother was found dead. The healthy, thriving animals were facing death at the hands of government policies. Ms. Deyo faced jail time and fees for helping the animals and giving them a chance to live. A "Saving Trooper" campaign was set up to try to protect the animals.
Artists for Social Change learned about the campaign and was happy to spread the word, making and sharing posters with hyperlinks for a petition, finding local congresspersons to write to, a suggested list of media people to contact.
Results: Carol Deyo was taken to court and thankfully, she won the case, and the animals were not euthanized. Unfortunately, Ms. Deyo passed away shortly afterwards. She had been battling cancer throughout her fight to protect the lives of Trooper and Friends. Artists for Social Change extends our deepest sympathy to Ms. Deyo's loved ones. She was a remarkable fighter who saved the lives of many animals and continues to inspire us all.
For more information, check out The Trooper Story.

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