Delrey School Workshop: Splash of Color
October 2008 witnessed the start of a beautiful friendship between ASC & Delrey! On Tuesdays in 2008, starting on October 7, 2008, volunteers of the Artists for Social Change Club visited Delrey School for students with Cerebral Palsy in Halethorpe (formerly in Catonsville), Maryland. On Oct. 7th, we hosted a finger painting workshop for the older kids (ages 12 - 21), followed by a mini-line dancing class. Although students were in wheelchairs, they did a wonderful job, sticking their left arm out when we’d stick out our left leg, and spinning right in their chairs as we’d pivot on our right foot. It looked great!
The paintings were labeled and stored so that they could be put up in an art gallery, Splash of Color on November 21, 2008.
The following Tuesday, we worked with the younger students (ages 4 – 12). They also learned how to finger paint and line dance. Each student’s masterpiece was also kept to be displayed in the art gallery.

Subsequent Tuesdays were more chill; students were taught how to sponge paint and were able to keep their pieces of art as soon as they dried. We varied the dances, doing a different line dance, disco dancing, and hip hop dancing.

Many thanks to the ASC volunteers who volunteer on Tuesdays! Check out pictures below from the workshops and art gallery!
Education Based Latino Outreach: College Visit Day
On Saturday, March 31, 2006, students of the Education-Based Latino Outreach (EBLO) Program visited the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). They were not mere tourists. Rather, these students, ages 6 - 14, were artists whose masterpieces were displayed in the Mezzanine Gallery in the Commons of UMBC.
A week earlier, the students were given a workshop on how to draw landscapes at the EBLO Building in Fells Point, Baltimore.
Their colorful artwork was displayed alongside pieces from Sri Lankan students of approximately the same age. The Sri Lankan artwork was provided by the Art on Purpose Organization. There were many similarities in the landscapes drawn, the colors used, and the expressions on characters’ faces. The gallery was testimony to the fact that regardless of one’s ethnicity (whether El Salvadoran, Sri Lankan, Mexican… you name it), and regardless of the horrifying catastrophes destroying one’s homeland, children are children and all kids have similar dreams and visions.
Many thanks to Drew Elko of Sodexho foods who gave discounts to the 45 EBLO artists for their meals (and who made sure that the service was super fast!)! Thanks also to the Shriver Center who picked up the tab for the hamburgers, fries and drinks that each student ate! The kids loved the food, the fast service, and the college atmosphere.
After the art reception and the meal, students went on tours of the UMBC library and the gym where we all gathered before the bus came to pick up the students.  Thanks to EBLO interns Humberto Arancibia Castillo and Jan Zheng for being great tour guides!
The EBLO Visits UMBC Day provided an excellent opportunity for the students to catch a glimpse of college life.  Judging by the smiles on the kids faces, especially at the gym, the college atmosphere made a great impression on them!
Check out pictures below from the fun event!

The Choice Program: Anonymous Requiem, II
The first ASC art workshop for youth of The Choice Program was held on April 24, 2006. Each student was asked to reflect about the lives of someone who she or he has lost and to create a picture to honor his or her life. The artwork was displayed as part of the Anonymous Requiem, II gallery hosted by the Art on Purpose organization at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore, Maryland.
The second workshop was titled "Fashion Design". From 6 to 7 p.m. on May 8, 2006, students designed a line of clothing based on templates on which they used magazine images as prints.
Thanks to all those who served as art instructors! Many students truly learned as they practiced various art techniques and most importantly - everyone had fun!
For more information on The Choice Program, check out their site:
Below are pictures of workshop participants in the Anonymous Requiem, II art gallery in Baltimore.

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